"the worlds that children construct are the worlds in which they live.

Through the cinematic medium, triserratops productions provides children with opportunities to explore cultural and social issues. This exploration broadens children's horizons by allowing the new ideas they explore to influence the worlds they create for themselves.

triserratops productions aims to create colorful cinematic works that send young audiences on a journey of exploration and discovery and to provide room for children to gain perspective.

* * *

I hope to deliver stories that shed a magical light on the people, the places, and the things at which children marvel - honestly and beautifully."

 stephanie serra, producer


stephanie serra, founder of triserratops productions, llc. works as a producer in new york city. having received her bachelors degree from sarah lawrence college in film production, she has studied the arts of screenwriting, directing, and producing. her background in child psychology fuels her desire to create documentary and narrative films for and about children.

from the very first stages of production, stephanie's ultimate concern is to find the appropriate voice and story for her young audiences. Working closely with writers and directors, stephanie seeks to provide rich, powerful, and authentic cinematic works that aid children through the process of constructing the world that surrounds them.